5 Best Practices To Improve Organic Search Ranking





















Every marketer wants to see himself on the top of the Google search results. They use seo tools and techniques to increase organic searches for relevant keywords. The golden rule is to keep yourself away from black hat seo techniques. Reaching at the top of the search engine results takes a lot of time, hard work and an effective strategy.  


Here We Are Presenting Some Best Practices To Improve Organic Search Rankings:      


#1 Original And Relevant Content        

Do not post content on your website just because a certain topic is popular and trending. If you have a website about clothes and fashion, post content related to these topics. This makes Google look for unique and original content and post it in relevant searches. It also increases the user readability and viewership. Create compelling content that is shareable and can go viral. Use mixed media and post content regularly to keep the users engaged. This also helps in beckoning the attention of Google for the right reasons.       


#2 Choose A Keyword List And Repeat It

Do not post all the keywords in a single page. Also, do not repeat the keywords too often. You can keep the flow of the content as well as the keywords natural. Do not put keywords forcefully into the content. Choose the most popular keywords of your industry and use them wisely. Mix and match phrases keeping in mind how users makes searches on Google for products related to your industry. Choose keywords that gains more traffic. An organic seo expert will be able to give you a better list to use them in your content.        


#3 Optimize Web Pages With Tags And Titles      

What you post in the description section of the meta tags, is displayed when the website appear in the organic results. This content is important as the users decide if your page is worth visiting or not. Alt tags are also important- when using images, change the ALT tags to relevant names as this greatly helps in increasing the image value.              


#4 Anchor Text, Backlinks, And Link Building

Use Keyphrases, keywords and Anchor Texts to link building, but always use variations and do not over do backlinks on the same keywords. Link building is one of the best strategies to implement when it comes to online visibility. You can ask popular figures and influencers to link back to the content of your website. This way your content gets shared with a large number of users.      


#5 Use Analytic And Webmaster Tools To Analyze Traffic        

By monitoring both Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools on regular basis, you will have more data at your disposal and gain a more precise view of your organic search performance.